The man who does the best job is the one who is happy at his job. — Bob Ross (via zenofbobross)

Nic Pizzalotto the writer of True Detective is an obvious comic book fan. Noticed a couple homages in the final episode… at least I think they were an homage.. One line was directly from the Bendis “Daredevil” series and another line at the end that had more significance to the overall story was straight from Alan Moore’s “Top Ten”  

Makes me wanna go back to previous episodes and see if I can find some more, but that was about as satisfying as TV gets for me.

Loved the ending, loved the whole thing. It didn’t tie up loose ends as well as Breaking Bad did (which I also just recently finished watching) but I don’t think that’s what they set out to do, it may have really been all about Cohle and Hart the entire time and their conflicts within. Can’t wait to see what they do with a new cast and story in season 2. 

Warm up sketching today became obsessed with trying to get McConaughey’s bone structure correct but failed. Rust Cohle says: “life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing” I would have to concur

How good is Champ Bailey?

15 Year veteran 10 Seasons with Denver

12 Pro bowls(NFL record among CBs) - 8 of those with Denver

"All Decade team" in the 2000s

52 career INTs - 34 of those with Denver

18 INTs between ‘05-‘06 (Most by any player in a 2 year stretch)

He was penalized only 3 times for pass interference on 504 targets in the last 7 years (0.6%)

He is also the best pure tackler I have ever seen play the game, hands down the best defender to ever come through Denver, and my personal favorite player in the NFL. I gotta pay some kind of tribute. Thanks Champ!! The HOF awaits…

a small sample - completed many storyboards for a recent client (shown here mostly out of sequence)  -  their project is still in development.