Quick spidey

My cousin Nick is a great writer, he has been developing a few different things for a long time (mostly waiting for me to catch up with art) and they are close to seeing the light. This is a preface to one of his stories

Playing with some new

Time for the weekly sticky sketches

Another Sticky Note Friday

I doodle on sticky notes quite often, I normally throw them all away and this week I just hid them under my Wacom tablet and thought it would be fun to share them at the end of the week so this is the first “Sticky Note Friday”, have a great weekend!

making some stickers and other swag to send out with future shirt orders forĀ 

decided to redraw my Wacom sketch and ink it (a couple times) for my buddy at work. Turtle Power!

Turtle power, end of day doodlin’

Turtle power, end of day doodlin’